7231 East 41st Street South
Tulsa, OK 74145

Mon-Fri: 8am - 5pm

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Great Possibilities

The Tulsa office is comprised of over 30,000 square feet of office and warehouse. The design features a commercial kitchen emblazoned with the traditional ImageNet colors.

Old School Logo

The sleek design accentuates our paperless office. Clean lines and utilizing state of the art software like Laserfiche, makes this office the poster child for business efficiency.

Classic Lines

The exterior of the office sets up the interior. When entering you are greeted with Digital Displays extolling the value of services like Managed Print and Managed IT. The displays are driven using our complete content management software solution.

From a Historical Perspective

Manual typewriters accent our ImageNet offices. These typewriters represent our company’s past contrasted against today’s technology. From typewriters to filing cabinets floating from the ceiling, these designs drive a discussion about where a business sits on the technology timeline.

Copier or Technology Hub?

Today’s Multi-Functional Devices have an appearance of a copier, but they are so much more. They are a powerful computer wrapped around a high-speed printer. Our discussion starts with security and how your company’s devices are secured. These devices should be managed as securely as the network.