ImageNet Consulting employs the best tools, processes, and methodology in the industry and has a thorough understanding of the total cost of ownership.

To manage the document lifecycle requires a company to master the management of printing.

Managed Print Services provides flexible services, solutions and a support driven model that meet your needs and benefits your company in numerous ways.

ImageNet offers best-of-breed products from manufacturers like HP, Canon, Samsung, Ricoh, Konica Minolta, Toshiba, and Sharp. ImageNet Consulting is nationally-recognized by our manufacturers and industry as a leading-edge provider of Managed Print.


ImageNet Consulting will assess the current work environment, find the inefficiencies, refresh the old technology, keep what is working and implement a green plan for reducing waste and recycling.

The Managed Environment Assessment is designed to uncover all of the input related assets, their cost and related business processes.This requires a deeper look than just an inventory of device types and printed page volumes. It is necessary to understand what users, applications or business processes are generating the pages. Once uncovered, the workflows associated with paper-based processes can be optimized and solutions are provided to reduce the cost while improving productivity, manageability and scalability.

Software and print policies can enforce practices such as moving single-sided printing to double-sided, eliminating color prints from unnecessary applications, deleting mistakenly printed documents before they print, directing prints to the most efficient devices and improving document security.

Did you know?

A single toner cartridge takes 450 years to decompose

It takes 3.5 qt of oil to make 1 cartridge

The number of quarts it takes to make 1 cartridge

The average employee prints 6 wasted pages per day


45% Paper of
printed paper ends up in trash

1–3% of annual revenue is spent on printing

40% of total electricity consumption of an office can go towards office equipment


Recycling 1 cartridge saves Paper 3.6lb of solid waste

40% of all IT calls are
print related



  • First National Bank of Durango

    Sonya Meador,
    IT Manager

    We transitioned to ImageNet Consulting over a year ago. In the past year we have been able to consolidate all of our devices (printers, scanners and faxes) into one easy and convenient to use portal with an automatic ordering system in place. We have also been able to pinpoint devices that were not needed or were not cost effective and replace these with devices recommended by Image Net consulting which has translated to monthly savings.

  • American Fidelity Assurance Company

    Margaret Vickers,
    Director EBS Division

    ImageNet is helping American Fidelity move into the 21st century. By combining multi-function devices with software solutions, we can track printing, eliminate waste, and print securely to all devices. Investing in technology is important to our future and we are now headed the right direction through our partnership with ImageNet.

  • City of Durango

    Karen A Herman,
    Purchasing Agent

    The staff at ImageNet is professional and easy to work with. They respond to our needs in a timely basis. The City purchases copiers, copier service, and Managed Print Services through ImageNet. In every case, we are more than satisfied with the products, pricing and service we receive.

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