What is ECM?

Enterprise content management, also called electronic content management, document management, or just ECM for short, is a solution that takes all of your paper records and documents and creates digital versions for easy access and storage.

ECM solutions improve productivity by reducing the amount of time it takes employees to retrieve and process documents and saves resources spent on storing and securing business documents. The system includes:

  • Cloud Storage
  • Automatic Backups
  • Benchmark Security
  • Document Encryption

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How it Works

ECM is not just a storage space. Creating a digital repository is only a small part of the of the process.

When our consultants discuss a paperless office environment, typical responses include: that’s impossible, it doesn't (or can't) exist, or we have already implemented document management and it didn't reduce the amount paper we utilize.

The most important time saver and best driver for productivity comes through the automated workflow or business process management. This process moves electronic documents from step to step with routing rules and time frames tied to each step of the process. Our proven, programmed workflow significantly impacts time, space, security, and regulatory compliance.

ImageNet’s Approach to ECM

Based on efficiency studies, up to 50% of a knowledge worker's time is spent managing paper. ImageNet's consultants are trained to pinpoint the highest level of need from a content management system and provide solutions that eliminate the paper and expedite the workflow, thus improving productivity. With hundreds of successful installations, our consultants have solved many of the most difficult business processes with creative workflow solutions.

ImageNet’s ECM solution offers businesses a content management system to help you break free from the paper shuffle, a customized workflow to fit your needs, and the customer service to keep your information secure and always available where you need it, when you need it.

Did you know?

Professional's time spent

Chart showing amount of time professionals spend looking for files
  • Looking for files
  • Reading information
  • Other

Out of all papers handled Shuffled papers 90% are shuffled

7.5% of all documents get lost

$220 The average cost to reproduce a lost document

The average cost of a misfiled document is $120 $120 To find a misfiled document

The average cost of document filing is $30 $30 The average cost
to file
one document


  • The Cleveland Browns

    Brandon Covert,
    Director of IT

    Since we bought our Laserfiche system a year and a half ago, our Laserfiche reseller, ImageNet Consulting, has gone above and beyond to ensure that our Laserfiche solution meets all of our needs. The implementation process was smooth, user adoption was effortless and we’re already seeing a strong return on our investment.

  • Oklahoma Christian University

    Clint LaRue,
    Director of Student Financial Services

    Before implementing Laserfiche, our financial aid office struggled to output financial aid offers quickly with a paper intensive application process, ultimately frustrating students and parents. Here is how we improved student financial services and obtained $31,000 of hard savings in under two years by integrating Laserfiche with our existing Datatel Colleague ERP system (now known as Ellucian) and LincDoc eForms Creator.

  • Oklahoma Department of Rehabilitative Services

    Herb Carson,
    Administrative Programs Officer

    I want to express my appreciation for the outstanding Laserfiche Training that our team experienced this morning. For me, it was the best training session I've experienced in my 25+ years of state employment. The training was targeted, precise, understandable, and all three of your experts were right on time in interpreting our needs and concerns.

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