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Managed Print

State-of-the-art technology exists in every facet of healthcare. Printers and print management should be no different. Modernize the way you approach print management in your facility so you can save time, money, and resources better spent on patient care.


Patient documents left at the printer are a common risk for data compliance in healthcare facilities.


Utilize the power of smart print security tools.

Securing patient data passing through a fleet of print devices today requires understanding where and how healthcare staff need to print. Managed Print Services implements secure printing policies and utilizes features like badge or Follow Me printing to ensure documents stay secure.

  • Easy-to-deploy, secure solutions with complete visibility and control of your network printers, how users print to them, and audit capabilities in case of a breach.
  • Automation allowing user self-service while limiting security vulnerabilities.
  • Badge printing or print-and-release printing secures documents.


Aging printers cost valuable resources better spent improving patient outcomes.


Update your print fleet and realize cost savings, improved productivity, and better efficiency throughout your document management.

Old print devices lack the security and workflow improvements that modern printers offer. An updated print fleet results in fewer printers needed, fewer maintenance calls, better print performance, and improved document workflows.

  • Modern printers offer smart features like scan-to-email or scan-to-cloud.
  • Improve document and device security with firmware updates and fewer security issues.

Learn more about how our Managed Print Services, with support from partners like PaperCut and XMedius, ensure better outcomes throughout your healthcare facility.

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Audio/Visual Solutions

Wayfinding solutions and digital displays for modern healthcare.


Navigating extensive healthcare facilities is confusing and frustrating.


Help patients find the navigation and information they need in easy-to-use wayfinding stations.

  • Easy-to-use digital displays in high traffic areas.
  • Sensor technology like movement or distance sensors provides automated, informative content to visitors once they approach a wayfinding station or digital display.
  • Wayfinding solutions help visitors navigate to the correct location.


Publishing and managing digital communications across your facility is difficult to maintain.


Discover easy communication with Wallboard's content creation + publishing platform.

  • One cohesive message for visitors or staff.
  • Advertise new healthcare programs, remind visitors about social distancing, etc.
  • With the push of a button, your message is shared across all your screens.

Get the technology to transform your healthcare practice today!

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Enterprise Content Services

Content solutions for modernized healthcare and improved patient outcomes.


Patient forms still live on paper.


A secure patient portal provides access to forms and protects confidential data simultaneously.

A digital, secure patient portal means patients have access to new patient and billing forms, and your staff and leadership have secure access to your data from the clinic or from your home.

  • Enable incoming patients to view and complete any necessary paperwork before their appointment.
  • Automatic routing and approval routes documents to the appropriate person.
  • Automated intake of supplemental physical records through a 1-click interface from your EMR.


Billing delays and lost paperwork


  • One unified interface for staff.
  • Reporting capabilities to track volume and process timeframes across your organization, whether in the back office or patient facing.
  • Ability to automate accession of records such as EOBs to patients, invoice detail to insurance or government organizations, and an audit trail to verify and validate all the information and routing.

With Enterprise Content Services, you get a secure, digital portal to automate document workflows, instant access to electronic records for doctors and nurses, and no patient care disruptions.

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